Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy Blog Birthday Disco Donna





IBM Research: Preventing failures before they happen

IBM Research: Preventing failures before they happen: Amir Nahir, IBM researcher “When you’re driving your car down the highway at 50 mph, you assume that turning on the car radio or the...


we'll do our best to keep you posted...

Saturday, December 29, 2012


#OKC vs #HOU

             Gametime in Houston. A Thunderous      Asswhooping last meeting in Oklahoma. 
James Harden and Jeremy Lin vs. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Among Dynamic Duos in the League. This will be one of the electrifying rivalry duos to watch in between these 4. 

Who do you guys think is more fun to watch? 

2 on 2 Ball 

 Kevin Durant/Westbrook               Rondo/Pierce
          Harden/Lin                       TheThreeWisemen    

          James/Wade                           Rose/Noah
          Anthony/Kidd                        Bryant/Metta
           Lowry/Lucas                         Griffin/Paul        
 I'll be updating all night about what's going on around these cities, sharing from different media outlets? What are the jams these days? I'm still listening to... Jeeeeezy 

#NCAA #Football

Late Game
in Arizona 
was a Siccccccck Game!
Final Score:
 TCU -16 - MSU-17

Friday, December 28, 2012

#Forbes #Fraudulent #Facebook #Film #F

The art of giving yourself a raise by Carmichael Reid

(see above)

That was a close one. Fuck Groupon!

Watch Django Crush over the weekend. 
over/under... I'll keep that on the Hush. 

As perusual my Best of Visual Effects will be compiled over the weekend. 
I had a good year last year, we'll see if we can repeat. 

I'm down to a saultry 615.



UCLA vs Baylor

Condo's Two Cents. 

Oral Roberts just got their prayer's answered. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jason Kidd

This guy is rarely talked about ever. 
So, I'll be updating as much as I can
about one of the most underrated, clutch athletes 
to ever play a sport. 
if the Knicks do anything this year, it is because of this guy right here. 

can't find the link for the close game in New York, when it does..
J Kidd Put up 23 Points nothing but game changers and another game winning pass to JR
Melo and Amare (gone shoppin')


Friday, December 21, 2012



Published again.

the other paper: Derek Jeter reaches out to mother of slain Sandy H...

the other paper: Derek Jeter reaches out to mother of slain Sandy H...: Derek Jeter made a special phone call to the mother of slain Newtown teacher, Victoria Soto, just hours after Donna Soto laid her daughter t...



^thought. #Tarantinothon Continues: Day 4

All day is for the Wives.

All Day Wife Movies.

Starting from the top. 
                          Carmike's Picks. 

We'll be updating alllllll day. 
It's gonna be a long one!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


throwing it back for da last time. 
bonus points for when this picture showed on 
face book

Do you have any fraudulent stories about crackberry users??
Do you have any applauding stories about blackberry users??

I'll get this going. 

George has The David Chase on his show.

Anyways Coming soon as a test... for  #FacebookFridays


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#Beyonce Files for #Divorce Immediately After Brooklyn Loss

cutoff statement

Kevin Durant issued his two cents before checking his bags at Kennedy Baggage Terminal: 
"Missing the Dunk in hindsight... ain't so bad. Jigga?!, Nigga lost another one."