Saturday, March 31, 2012

To the Sir with Love (Producer's Notes)

As you may or may not know, Sir Ridley Scott and a late addition, Michael Fassbender to the viewing panel of his (YOU)R Film Festival 2012 submissions today at midnight (I think). I know the pool is deep, considering this was a Global Film Festival. 

My production notes have already been posted in the blog posted (here). Keep checking back, because, sorry to say, this Coffee thing is not even close to over. 
On Monday, March 26th, I alerted my Twitter Followers that I have officially surprised myself and fellow patrons with a screening of my film that premiered amongst other zany acts, filled with comedy, self destruction, and song. This took place @ The Rio Theatre (Open Mic) March 21st, 2012. 

Ridley Scott on Your Film Festival 

My journey in filmmaking, as you may or may not know was not a peachy or rosy in a lot of ways. To be quite honest, it has been hellish in many ways. But, with hell there is heaven, but I choose to stay on the ground (whatever this means). So, as you may or may not know, I am now in pre-production with a much more ambitious film, that may take a long time, or a short time to do. Reality is definitely a factor in every aspect of life, no matter how much you deny it. As a disclaimer, as I am doing this for peanuts, every filmmaker has to choose certain battles to fight, and you know what 

Billy Walsh says: You Can't go into war unprepared and under financed. 

As a springing young film producer, there are many things to producing and financing a film that a lot of people do not know about. There are LAWS and REGULATIONS even for low-budget independent films. Along this journey, I will be keeping this blog post open to Producer Notes: With my own sheet and what proven and established Film Producer's do to get a great project going. As always, the beneficiaries will be my personal followers, as I do give tips on all aspects of the creative art of entertainment. Also, on my FILMMAKERIQ page. Which will be much more TECHNICAL. 

#disclaimer the press release is located (here)
##There is ALOT/A LOT more where this came from baby! But, it does require cooperation, creative instinct, financial risk and rewards, and a lot of persistence from here on and out!  

Without Further Ado,
Released from the Basement of
The Vancouver Film School

MY FIRST EVER! SOUND FILM (diegetic sound) 
(the fictional notes)

A cold but familiar blast of Pacific Oceanic air surrounded our young protagonist throughout the night. Tired and weathered by the midnight folley, he decided to pop into a corner coffee shop for a night cap to ease his soul from the disappointments of his grim and depleting social life. It was Saturday Night, which he spent his time, surfing the internet, his only friend at this moment of time. Abondoned by his friends for most their own endeavours, which he does not blame, he sat down, note book in hand and his invisible girlfriend popped in and out his mind for a grim second. Why hold a grudge, when the future is so bright. Revealing their true ideas and motives in life after high school, he began to think and think and think. Until he could think no more. Meanwhile, a mysterious, short, older fellow, he looks and sounds like he's from South Korea, has approached him rather rudely and ...

Moments passed, and young protagonist went right back to what he was doing. In a New York Minute it seemed that, a burly, yet cordial, police officer approached him and--

On the Reel. 

What a difference a day made. As everyone knows, I would like you guys to share the video so it can get some views.

So, you know....

Carmichael Reid @ #I don't like Carmichael Reid and I'm Blade Running 4 my Life

In the spirit of the YOUTUBE festival  who is really interested in setting up a sort to Profess-ual sit down gaining some real advice and stuff to put on their piece on youtube. One time only. Thanks!

The email is up on the blog. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"What you do will come Back to You."

3 years ago.
3 musicians
walk into a temple
and lost their soul.
when they got in there
 was it not a descent into a firey inferno?
was an escalation 
to a 
stairway to 
the gates of uncertainty locked shut on the minds of
the bitter and the cold
the meaningless search for gold
an unmarked cab and a real estate agent who never sold
do unto others, and do as you are told
what they chose to do after this,
who knows...
city sonic presents...
Lioness Live @ The Masonic Temple
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Sunday April 1 2012 
13 days 
The Grid on Lioness' New Album

The Golden Killer 

The Golden Killer 2

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Career Move.

On Friday, I will let the people who are interested on what I have really been doing. #Truth, #we'll see what happens. There is a Leak in the Pipeline and 2 Black guys and a jaded Film Programmer were to know first. It's a big jump. Something, I never thought could occur. So, stay stuck on this Blog for the big news! And an indepth plan for the Future... 
I have been leaking nothing hints. Actually, I blew the gasket probably 3 weeks ago... (I don't Recommend @CarmichaelReid) Out of my 845 Friends... Like 4 are on Twitter Following, and about 0 following this Blog. So, I can't lose. #distribution2012

Just Another Sunday in 2012


no video necessary. 


Friday, March 23, 2012

I am starving for wins @ the Hunger Games. f(UGG) boys! #Yah! #Yah! of Travelling Lemons!!

#@CarmichaelReid @ Vancouver Fashion Week 2012 

"#I was 100% convinced I was going to win. Where did I come up with the look? Well the finishing touch was directed at the Russian Team. gluing Tolstoy's War and Peace to Tinas scalp was a complete gamble. Must do it! Had to do it! Did it!! I love that slogan. Just do it! V for Victorious y'know? Simple and Sassy." - Carmichaelina Reid

Thursday, March 22, 2012


the good folks at the commercial drive company were in good company last night @ OPEN MIC @ The Rio last night. As most of the "(R)evolutionn was not Televised. There were an arrangement of strange acts and music. If you got the Memo, I played my first and final Stand Up Comedy Show @ The Rio Theatre on Commercial Drive and Broadway. Not one of you showed up. Understandably. They were treated to so pretty cool news about the distribution of the FILM. Feedback was pretty good and a lengthy Q and A followed in a Blenz Coffee shop on Richards St. So, I would like to shout out to Alejandra Ospino from Bogata, Columbia, the Sultans of Saudi Arabia, Chap from Chile, Talisa Lavender (Ghost Armour) and Jay from Victoria! For Feeling the Fallout and not acting like a complete stranger for hanging out after the show. Much Appreciated! Because if it wasn't for you guys it would have been a lonely boat. So, thanks. Aswell, there is is another sound that caught my ear his name is Alexander Wesley Cardinal. Good Music. 

As we have heard the sorrowful news of Whitney's COD, this blog has continued to feel the shake around the Music Community. The news broke around 3:09 give or take on most Major Entertainment Media Outlets. 
Thoughts and prayers go out to the Houston Family. 

Bobby got none. 


Carmichael Reid (Founder of I Don't Like Carmichael Reid and (t)his blog sucks! and the(fake)CDC.

get this and live.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

saturday wakeupcall. (the Director's cut)

Without Further Ado,

The International Trailer

indie wire has their own edition of Trailer Studies 101.

my own thoughts on the trailer campaign is in the comments if you're interested.

The first 2 TV Spots (Notice anything different?)

star trek and the number 23.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


We all know my thoughts on spiders...

Wear the Crown like a Grudge

As of 2 hours or go give or take we have our first Hater of I dont LIKE Carmichael Reid and (t)his blog sucks. His name is Michael. PS He may start his own blog with similar puns, it's Carmichael and (t)his blog sucks. Not Michael and this blog is hated?! We'll be putting a face to a name pretty shortly here. But he is a redhead about 5 10 and about 160lbs? and his best blonde girlfriend likes hugs. We like hugs. We don't like hatred. Therefore, The Crown of Negativity has its first holder. Hail King Michael. His best blonde girlfriend tried to smooth things over with a solid hug. A hug may go a long way in fantasy land but not in real life. It was no hump, but we'll take it where we can get it.... This blog wishes his best blonde girlfriend and Michael a bumpy road and substanceless revelations and an office job. 

We Boo the Best. We Cheer Negativity at the Commercial Drive Company (Human Resources) 

wHOA When?(zz)daze continues. May be a contender for best When?(zz)daze (f)right in time for the Full Moon tomorrow which is Thursday March 8 toothousand and twelve. 

This is all... 

Business as usual @thecdc...


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let the Force be with Him

Today, is a sad day for the Visual Effects/Film/Video/Audiences/Artists/Comic-Book World. 
A storyboarding wizard, designer, illustrator has passed on to a better place than
the environments and settings he let us escape to. To be quite frank, he was the first person I got to read about when I picked up The Making of Star Wars at the Local Public Library and fell in love with what he had in mind, and how free of care he truly was in falling into something he truly loved to do. Ralph McQuarrie's work will continue to surpass and inspiring future filmmaker, writers, illustrators, storyboard artists to dream big, dream creatively and to be open to every idea possible. Darth Vader's mask was a concoction of a Fishing Hat and Hockey Mask. These little things in life amplified is truly what many of us strive for to become a greater artist in every way shape or form. 

Thanks Mr.McQuarrie and deepest sympathies for your family, friends and employees (artists) that are truly going to miss you. 



Friday, March 2, 2012

Carmichael Reid's 8 Minutes of F(r)ame.

The film is initializing... Please check back around 5:30ish. 
Carmichael Reid 
in the meantime...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life, the Universe and Everything

Tonight's Coast to Coast AM, will be truly a special one who choose to listen to it. There hasn't been a decent science fiction movie I have seen that has had an affect on me like 2001 or Alien. It does go back to trying to keep awake during Citizen Kane in film studies class. But it wasn't until I left, and realized that the real science of life, occurs outside the University. Ironically in real life. Those departing and attaching to/from reality, no matter how synchronic or chaotic. The beauty of Science Fiction especially now, is that there is complete freedom to achieve whatever you want to make of it. I really recommend, if you're kind of nut like I am, to read 2001's script the way Kubrick and Clarke put it together. It's possibly one of the most poetic I have seen in awhile. GF 1 and 2 still tops I think.  It read both as a script and as a short story, filled with vivid concreteness of Kubrick's and Clarke's Vision. One thing that really turns on the lights for me in well science fiction is the way science fiction turns off the lights, and lets you go somewhere no man has ever boldly gone before. I find that the best science fiction are the ones set in the near future, not the now, not the 1000 years from now, but not quite today, but you know around some time, one more shift in time frame and you're there kinna deal. It's jazz. It's free form, it's life, the universe and everything around it, through it and nerding about it. It's about the not knowing that is what it's all about. The Unknown and the Quest for it. Ridley Scott's Prometheus will do this to me and other anticipants. It's going to be a bitter sweet summer. The Resolution of Batman. Which, personally I never connected with. Two Face never got his day But, the beginning of something great for storytelling on many platforms and mediums. I am happy this movie is not 3D. I was not happy Inception was not. I am not sure what it is with British Filmmakers but they just seem to make Science Fiction films that pierce into the imagination of their audience more than any other nationality. Cue British Invasion pun and so on. I don't wanna get too wordy, but I am just so damn pumped for this movie it's not even funny. There is no doubt we're entering into a A Brave New World, win or lose it is going to be the ride of a lifetime and it's been really great, that there are filmmakers out there like Scott, Nolan,  who do still care about putting out greatness when they really could kick it with Adele and the Royal Fam. So, thanks in advance Mr.Scott for your consistency in holding the films to your word. 

the last#whoawhen(?)zday of Feb.292012

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