Thursday, January 31, 2013

#NCAA #Basketball



my first video.

#Throwback To The Future

31 Days of Resolution Conclusion.

1 year and 31 days.

How are you guys doing with your Resolutions? 
Solved World Hunger Yet? 
Ready to issue a war of words before your Fight w/ Rampage Jackson?

Praying for better PredictionsProwess? 
FYI: Predicting ManU is gonna win is as bold as the blackberry's entrance into the game of me too. Stupid Capitalists.

My resolution has been figuring out if I'm Gay or not. 

Working out can be tough, with grunting, and stunting, 

4 of da Original 6 at home! Throwback! Solid Hockey #NHL

Potentially Hazardously Offense Warning

Pittsburgh @ NewYork Rangers!  10-10 no goalies!

Nashville @ Los Angeles in the West will be fun. 

duh choices? Edmonton @ San Jose 
                     Winnipeg @ Florida

when melo breaks record for 20 and lakes turn over 20.

Colorado Avalanche @ Calgary Flames

Keys to the game: OFFENCE, OFFENCE, OFFENCE! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Not even before LBJ's dinner hasn't even digested yet...

#DesperateHOUSEwives #NewYork Recap.

Major drama between George and the girls today. He'll be back for the season finale next week. Issue 1: Red Dress's Comfortability level was being threatened. 


better early than never.

"Lebron James only won because it's a Lockout Year." - He has zero points in the game in the third quarter, Brooklyn, New York

1. P.R.O.Failure



Somewhere in #England ....




Minni Prince

Timberland is over at Roca-Fella

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013



First Question: "R U Gay?" has to be the most over used sentence of the millenium

#Major #Blog #Birthday! #Book

my book collection is bigger than yours. 
i guarantee it. 
I got yours for a loonie. 


Ford beat the spread by 14 cents. What a way to end the Dream Barkley Jersey!
Q4 EPS of $0.4 beats by $0.14. Revenue of $34.6B beats by $1.43B.

#Kobe #LAL @ #NOP #Superbowl?

When Capitalism goes wrong, one blames the president(e). When Communism goes wrong, many bomb their own backyard, when money runs out... Creativism is born until these niggas start dreaming 'bout billions again and turn on to whatever PrimetimeMinister is doing.- Condolova


Monday, January 28, 2013


Bing! Bing!

Prodigy and Alchemist

Royce da 5'9 and Havoc

 i never thought i would hear this ever.

If U dont know.

u never will.

Why Capitalism should be Capitalized in the English Dictionary, but it isn't.

What is more Criminal? Returning to a Garden reppin da Lord's Number... coming off the bench.



kobe goes team ball,
melo goes me.lo ball. 
major numbers 42 9 threes and 1 dime in NYK win. 

Friday, January 25, 2013



Silent Treatment this Man

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most of you i played hockey with.

down to 494




New facebooking liking is exciting. 

not too sure, what's catching my eye.
the mustard stain with anything is hot.

#kittie birthday #Happy Blog Birthday #Mercedes


If Edmonton fans drank Vodka...


Thursday, January 24, 2013


#NYR #Rangers @ #PHI #Flyers #NHL

Oliver Stone's #WallStreet #ThrowbackThursday

Condo's Two Cents on NYK and BOS it's Symbolism.

#headsup #Ivey #Laak

Ivey advances to round 2

Carmike's thoughts on Microsoft Q2.

don't be surprised to hear bad news. but that's usually good in the beginning of anything new and innovative. This is the same rhetoric they said about tablets in the early to mid 90s. The price hike for to $400 is another thing that may be questioned... That's to get to industry standard, of how much you actually pay for an Apple product. that's a good sign for buyers i think. you get what you pay for for an extremely long time. Playstation Patience is paying off. Niggas can't wait for things to load these days.
                                         i'm not bad hey?
                                       the penny is on me.

Anyone who tells you Google outsold Apple is misinformed.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

through the back and to the left...#TheInvisibleVoice

PSA: One Ounce of Watta, Lackin' that Wadda, Dow Trading that Dark Demon Hydro more Insanely than Hussein, Saddah, Suez Canalah! No Way, Den Mark It. Lo! Narcs it, Why da Feds Locks it Fo?. More guns than Attilla... Hun. N word. Narcissist. Black. Ben AFlacco. Exorcising fuckas outta their graves more effeciently Price makes saves. Oh Christ, Behave. Cutting Chem Class to revitalize the Communion, From Queensland, Fuck Diamond Cova. Lay You down to Rest. No Excuses, We know your wife is in a Coma. Because you so Boron, 22 on the back, 23 B-ron? straight up balla, rhyme stalla, kicked atta class for praising joe stalla, Dr. start regiment of the Vitamin Commission, Right on Time and more relevant. these dimes I be dishin. JJ wiggas Laying, Praying and Wishin' it 50 percent royalty. Diminish your demos in half. Princess D dance Royally. Sweet lady Ova. Welcome to CGY. this one's 4 Oprah. Got this from a hater, and now they cant afford to Cova... - Condolovah

My picture coming soon.

this day in history




Thursday, January 17, 2013


#Knicks 5 Day Weekend!

London, England
The search for the London Whale...

the plot is thickening...


New York Knicks 
Detroit Pistons

#Boeing #Top5Flights


Get Johnny G Hocks a Ho-Bey...

#Kobe and #Lakers vs #Wade and #James

who reached stardom playing for one team?

and had to leave to play with who? 

I didn't enter the league of blogging for nothin' #ThrowdownThursdays!