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Garcon! More Coffee!

Show and Tell: From the Director's Chair- Wes Anderson has something to say to you.

The Director's Chair: W(oo)dy Allen has something to say to you.

As you may or may not know, PBS released another great
American Masters Series on Woody Allen last week. Anyone see it?
I would have thought he would have been a great director to tell the story
of Marilyn Monroe, with Scarlett Johansson leading.
My two cents on the bizz.
It was in university when I finally figured out who was the underlying inspiration to anything somewhat funny in contemporary comedy. The Master of Despair has about 89 movies and doesn't seem like he's slowing down. I will not cover all of his movies, but most likely Woody's early funny ones, and his later films that did well over in Europe as opposed to America. 
Here's a great movie done in 1989 with Jean Luc Godard,
French New Wave Master. I got in an unfortunate argument with a
video salesman about Godard's importance to film. I cursed his video shop! This was in the 
summer, not the holidays, so I'm clear.
Without further ado, 
Woody Allen
"Masterbation and Art, the two things I am a complete expert at."

For the french immersion students...

Woody's best in my opinion.

Shut Up!

Need not Apply.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Power of Christ Compels You!

**Trust in the hyperlinks will direct you.
dir-william friedkin
dop-owen roizman
 written and adapted his own novel: William Peter Blatty
producer(s)- william p. blatty and neil marshall
quick historical fact. this movie was the definition of a [(block)buster] in the ripening 1970s
of American filmmaking. Steven Spielberg's JAWS which entered the year of art vs commerce. These artists saw the value in both art and commerce. Some did it better than others. As Martin Scorsese, conintued his reputation to make personal films throughout this era which is known as the Era of the Blockbuster, The Exorcist, Jaws, and The Godfather continued to rack up the box office dollars.  [Martin Scorsese's] Taxi Driver distributed by Columbia
was a financial success in 1976. Benefited from not only the box office success from The Exorcist. Warner Brothers recouped their dissipating connection with their audience with the
William Peter Blatty novel The Exorcistand the deepening public interest in the horrific imagery, thematic execution and star/director power within the studio system at the time. It was in 1977 where a certain film absolutely revolutionized the philosophy, aesthetic and the monetary value (expectations) that the Feature Film Blockbuster was to achieve for their financiers (the studio(s)). ENTERTAINMENT AS A WHOLE ENTIRELY CHANGED FOR THE GOOD, FOR THE BAD, BEAUTIFUL OR UGLY. The era where artistic freedom with the films and the studio financial backing flourished. This was called the New Hollywood in 1960s to 1980.
Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather was the 
first film to be released simultaneously on more than 3200 
screens and we all know the themes explored and (exploited) in the Godfather parts 1,2, and 3.  

Fame and Fortune

She's gotta boyfriend vs(bs) Revernette Jenna Marbles Preaching vs Revernette Amy


 Jenna Marbles is funny.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nightmar(ish) News Before Christmas

just a taste.

It doesn't make any sense to put any news up on this
until the Nightmar(ish) news before Christmas ceases

(Box)ing Day

And the winner goes to...

The Weinstein Company releases, a movie that has the potential 
to win over hearts through visual storytelling and more importantly me reading the subtitles
Some hate it, some hate you if you don't like subtitles, I just wanna see a movie about artistry
It's hard but the most rewarding thing you can ever do, if you ever get it right? The best movies about artists. 
Introducing The Master (in my opinion) It is about time I put something about him.
During my 'journey' through filmmaking, I was very late, but caught up very quickly about
this mysterious filmmaker who every talked about in the editing room of U of M. Not even Santa himself compares. His wife is the ideal "White" Ms. Clause. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday, White Chocolate, Green Screen.

on(line)! Lights (up) (act)tion. Black(out), Grey(cup),Fri(daze)

One Month. For Christmas celebrators...
(23) of December for celebrators of Festivus.

I do have problems with each and everyone of you.
You will personally receive a Facebook Message, inviting you to a unnamed location
where I will air my grievances. It will be explicit. It will be (un)fair. It will be animated.
Until then I will (not) see you in the line ups... until then...
You'll probably rat on me.
There will be an entire discussion held on this. As I feel this has not been talked about as much as it should. Yes I am digging up graves.

Vancouver Blues: (no) Brothers just a (car) mic...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Blast from the Past: My first Music Video(s)

Camera: Sony Hi-8 Video (Thanks Spencer)
Daega Soundsystem (Vancouver, BC)
@Shambhala 2009.

The Terminator.

Those are for anti SOPAites.

James Cameron
and epics

I'm not quite sure how lay this site out, because James Cameron is an incredibly busy man right now. So I'll start of with the...
Latest News from The JC Camp.
JC has developed an obsession with Titanic.
The movie that is going to look INCREDIBLE in 3D.
One of the films that should have been shot in 3D in the first place.
But the obvious answer is, is that technology and 3D awareness was
not cool in 1997. So, Titanic and everything about James Cameron's work on cue romantic music...
After the...the...Jump!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Scent of a (Wo)man 2011: The Rise of the Skirts.


 TWC Releases "My Week w/ Marilyn" 
This should be good, TWC is doing a great job acquiring artistically(re)done
inspired films 
I'll check it out (along with The Iron Lady).
I have my own thoughts about Marilyn Monroe pictures.
But until I see this one...

If (It's) a man's world in film, it is no more. Even along my travels, it has been Canadian women, who seem to be on the ball, much more practical, curious, and determined to get their project off the ground. We are film students, we are born delirious. I'm not saying that guys are any less determined, practical, thoughtful or creative. But let's put it this way... (THERE WOULD BE NO JAMES CAMERON OR TERMINATOR IF IT WASN'T FOR GALE ANN HURD. THERE WOULD BE NO GEORGE LUCAS AND STAR WARS IF THERE WASN'T MARCIA LUCAS.) They have been punctual, it really puts myself on the clock. But, as there has been some sort of ressurgence of female visual storytellers, films and video games geared toward a female audience. (see) Film Editing: The Women behind the Machines. I'll be updating that as fast as I can. But for the most part, there is this really special producer worth remembering that eventually died of the culture in the 1970s (Cocaine overdose). She ended up not being able to finish this film... Her name was (is) Julia Phillips.

IMDB her. She was a monster film producer back in the 1970s. I mean Monster. Producing everything and anything that would catch the eye of the deepening cinematic eye of the public. I still want to read her book AMAZON(AMZNit) "You'll never work in this town again." This is truly a great book for anyone at all interested in movies and the producing of one.

But as for Major Female Filmmaking there is just a pure resurgence since Kathryn Bigelow did it up  with the Hurt Locker and her new film that is way into production as we speak...
The (untitled) hunt for Osama bin Laden Terrorism picture. This was announced early May, and here's the 3 day old article http://collider.com/kathryn-bigelow-kill-bin-laden-release-date/127254/ 

I remember back in the day, in the theaters loving every minute of K-19(Behn and I would make up our own movies, we were an audience's nightmare in that theatre). To find out a decade later that a girl directed it... Cool.
There are countless up and comers and possible mentors.

For the African American community, it is my favorite, by far my favorite filmmaker, Darnell Martin. She got her start with a filmmaker named Spike Lee after travelling the world. Her "credentials" speak for themselves. She was the first African American Female to direct for a studio. Her body of work is visceral. Well her early stuff. She went on to direct Cadillac Records in 08 and now she's heavily involved in the TriBeCa Festivals in her native city New York City. She is contracted with Oprah's film production company. IMDB the rest. Truly incredible woman filled with synchronicity. A true testament to never give up after getting rejected from every film school of her choosing. 2nd Assistant Camera to Do the Right Thing, as a first gig is not a bad stroke of luck balanced with determination to get what she wants!

But, for right now, as we wait for anything new and exciting, Miranda July, is what's up. Too artsy for her own damn self, if you're indie, The Future is it. here's the trailer. This is just a movie I wanted to see, instead of the film "Another World" that opened in the similar light and style.
Toronto International Film Festival hilights.


Coming of Age: Binary Star

I'm already (sic) of Sidney Crosby. Why is Sid the Kid? Sid the Kid is no longer a kid. This is a Coming of Age of a serious, serious hockey player. Glad to be apart of this return to the top and he won't stop! If not he will just hit the dug out, let himself go and replace Albert Pujols in the batting order or both. Win Win.
One year and a bit ago...
I loved Brian Murray's reaction and response to calling Sid a hypocrite.
In front of the net is trench warfare. Jockeying for position and if you have to throw some bones
to get your way, make sure they count!

Right Karl?

Con(version)(s) 0.6

December 1 Linux Running

Saturday, November 19, 2011

VES (Visual Effects Society) @ 319 Main St Vancouver

nba jam. When you were (naive) about the ridiculous amount of money atheletes make

chasing (23) good luck kobe!
**the link hooks you up with some guy i went to university with.
if he wants to tell you his name.. Mr.X over here. I ain't no snitch.

The first ever n64 basketball video game. 
Lost countless hours to this game. 

Cabbie and Kobe. 


Cabbie and Carmike

human > ai 1994.

city guys

(one) Saturday Morning


Yet funny.
This was the goto in University.
One of those Rorsach Test shows.
Yet back to being brutal.
Then why am I watching this?
I know how people who watch Jersey Shore

Friday, November 18, 2011

Monetizing Monday! So (don't) support this blog!

Just a Redford in the Background....

But guess who... By complete accident 

Tree of Life

This is all I have to say about the Oscars...
Terrence Malick Writer/Director
Emmanuel Luzbezski Director of Photography
Production by Plan B Entertainment
VFX: was done by Prime Focus Entertainment 
Production Studio: Plan B Entertainment (saved production)
20th Century Fox Entertainment
More on this and how a director's vision, especially in the highest art, and credibility can really get you reactions that are more than strange in the film business, no matter if you made seminal films like Badlands or the Thin Red Line. This movie will be the focus of anything I talk about for a long time. This year guys, was a very special year for movies. Tree of Life will look great on the small screen and so on, it is a rainy day movie. Which will be featured... Compiling some of the greatest rainy/snowy/inclement weather movies.

For You(r) Consideration

I'm not doing this. So check it out for yourself.


Contagion is in every category and should do well.
That's all I have to say about the Oscars.

"I'm The Michael Jordan of Filmmaking" - Steven Soderbergh

My favorite contemporary filmmaker. I did believe anything he has to say about anything. But, these days I cannot a believe a word he says....(which movie of his is this from?) I am not quite a super fan. But he does have some shrine potential, whenever I can afford a shrine. To cut to the chase, SS, has simply said no to direct the "Man from U.N.C.L.E." Read on... From here I will go back in time. To pay tribute to the man who really made me love movies at a very deep level.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

enter google music.


the canadian criminal code

For the last week and a half I wandered into both the  the beautiful british columbia student law centre and the Canadian court(s) centre located in Vancouver, BC and fell in love with the proceedings that took place. I am currently sitting on a case(s)
Conspiracy to Commit Murder and the Occupy Vancouver motion(s). I was extremely confused on why there were 5 players in front of the judge. To clarify

On Monday, I will be releasing my virgin voyage in Canadian Law, a Conspiracy to commit murder. It (is) was extraordinary!

(not) for profit organisation discussion(s)

Imagine Thomas Suarez doing your risk benefit analysis with 
the mining of Lucky Charms in the Lower Atlantic.





I would like to open with a meditation from a book I am currently that came into my possession, when I truly needed it most. It's called "What On Earth Is Going On?" By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. As I am only on the second chapter, I am already waiting to reread it. I would just like to share a few quotes in the book, that bring a little more sunshine, in your life. Then, I'm going to list off a bunch of for and not for profits for the Christmas Season. Because it's good to give and receive. "Ebb and Flow Mr. Beale!!"
Everyday from here on out will feature a charity to give to. You will have no excuse of ignorance here. Matt Damon's water.org is a major contributor to cleaning up the world's water supply.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 (again)st 1

Jack White.

I think I can just say his name now, and we all get it?

Jimi Hendrix.
Marilyn Monroe.

So why not every name>
Not even infinity can help her.

Turn it up.


Start up an account on blogger.com
Start up a blog!

Post-O(cc): What's next for the O(cc)upation Protesters? Citizens? and their O(pp)ositio. n

exactly... Now what? I was waiting for the first article to come in...

Clean up Vancouver (progresses overnight) (Vote!VANVCOUVER!!)

For your discernment... is it quick enough? or too late?
Live video of the proposal(s)


Medicinal Mary Jane Discovers Fool Proof Legal Strategy


From the Story Department @CDC

We're not going to pretend that were the only bizznizz that values story first. We value what goes into a story, what shape or non shape it holds for us and more importantly you, the audience. Long story short. This is approved by the writer that I can share a taste of his writing for you guys starting at Chapter 1. The short story is called Julie. Which will be made into a film in our patiently waiting production department....Reader discretion is advised...

Eric plays it best.

Public Service Announcement

Carmichael Reid, and speaking on behalf of The Commercial Drive Company has released the first video version of talks of cleaning up OccupyVancouver and more importantly the loss of Ashlie Gough due to a possible drug overdose. As I was simply reporting, I, again, would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the Gough family and Ashlie's friends. I just related to their lost, I, in no way is in direct contact with her friends or family. As stated in the video, as it was uncut and candid there were words said that I even took offense in the ignorance and disambiguation of the cause and effect of her death as information about it is still being evaluated and her memorial being taken care of. The comments on my youtube account will be removed and blocked permanently from the video(s) as they do not serve a purpose to what I intended to shed light on. Also, and just as important, that the hits on this site were accelerated due to the "popularity" of this topic. This blog will monetize with Adsense next Monday, as I do believe that this article has served it's purpose and to pay respect to the Gough family will not "ad" up when the hype is high. The Commercial Drive Company, and myself, do not leech or tastelessly profit off of deaths off of any figure in any sort of culture. As this Company will deal with death/life in culture, and is inspired by death (and) life. The media we will produce will do it's best to communicate themes instead of direct influence to any life or death that we portray in our upcoming narratives and will try to produce as real as possible documentaries and uncut video and will hold the line on the truthfulness of these docs and videos (aside from narratives). We realize that death sells big in this culture. This will be included into our Business Structure(s) and blog as a FREEZE policy, where I will personally freeze monetizing of the blog for the stated reasons above until the article passes through the moment of silence phase of our pipeline.

Our many, many thanks for watching, looking, reading whatever I feel like putting up for yours and my own interests. We are just getting started and it has been pretty good, 15 whole days!!! I have to say! Surprized. Occupying the Internet is very very fun and hopefully will grow later down the line...
Interested Artists
I don't like Carmichael Reid and (t)his blog Sucks
The Commercial Drive Company

b(lock)buster blurb.

What is a blockbuster movie?

In a nutshell. It is a film that is sent in from the studios to seek and destroy and return their investment immediately. High Risk High Reward. They are usually visual effects heavy films. Steven Spielberg's Jaws set up the pins... George Lucas's Star Wars (1977) did what it was designed to do. Then, Hollywood got hold of what can make serious amounts of money. Not before, this Independent movement in the 1980s. But What is a Blockbuster... A block buster is what you call a term which is exactly what it means... To Bust the Block! So what the heck is a block?
Back in the day, Theaters/Exhibitors owned the rights to films. They controlled what they played, and so on on and so forth. More on this later. During the 40s, with technology ramping up, studios invested their time and money into these very same technologies to attract an audience that was fighting in a war called World War 2. During this period major studio films were being made, and studios were taking absolute control of the process, the players, the directors and all resources, including, yes, the exhibitors! They implemented buying strategies....
1. Blind buying... Where the exhibitor, if the owner wanted to screen a certain picture, they could not see it until they buy a cluster of movies. Not fair right... This was the grip Studios had on Exhibitors in the 1940s.
2. Block buying... Similar to Blind buying, but you got to see the picture! You get to see the picture, but if you want this picture, you are going to have to buy 4 or 5 of these lesser quality or genre films to get the return back on the ROI. This was still not fair.
This is where young filmmakers and artists figured out a way, where everyone leaves happy. Film would never be the same again.
The Block Buster.
One picture, to bust the block. I cannot put it more simpler than this. I thought about it on a train 3 years back. It's gotta be it and I'm rolling with it.
So you have a film like JAWS. You are the exhibitor... Why buy 6 of these lesser films that yeah, will make some money... But I can bank on a certain thing... and that is JAWS is being made and ready to roll through in the next couple months, and it can play on how many screens in America? @ once? How can I get this to make my bottom line sing? So, let me back track.... Do you know why you pay soooo much money at the Box Office?
Because Distribution rules the game. This is really good question for any filmmaker, or anybody... How is someone going to receive your product? In movie terms... How is someone (the audience) going to see the picture? Back then, the Drive Ins and movie theatres. Those were the good old days, where things were much simpler... Now, we have VOD, Youtube, Vimeo, Satellite Radio, and Netflix. Technically, you don't need to leave your house to see a film... But why do people still go to the movies. Because they are simply the movies. They are not going ANYWHERE!!! ANY TIME SOON!!! So anyways, why you and your date pay so much, and you get stuck with the bill...

Because Distribution knows they are the king and as soon as you pay money to see lets say Twillight... This is what it means to acquire rights to distribute! These large sums of money or incentive kicks right up to Distribution. This is why as soon as your movie plays... You see what is above Warner Bros owns your ass for the duration of this film.
So. This is why you pay so much money for popcorn and snacks at the concession and is even competing with the Burger King, Booster Juice franchises within the space.  Because, the exhibitor does not see a dime until The Distributor sees it's share.Simple hey? Think Trickle Down Effect. Keynesian Economics...


With the digital age coming around the corner, and me being a sort of slack jawed yokel and not starting this topic earlier in the game. No (TIME) like the (PRESENT)s. So it will be a (spell check: catalogue) of the must pick up magazines to sit, stand, walk and read, cool and chill out to, or break down and en(gulf).


Sunday, November 13, 2011

6:00 minute church.




the (girl) with the (dragon) tattoo (dir) David Fincher

This is a very good trailer. 
December 21 2011
For crew,cast and information!

Fincher's Approach to Directing 

David Fincher Finally sitting down to talk to someone.

As you may or may not know Trent Reznor is back doing another great soundtrack for another potentially good film. 
He did The Social Network's Score. 
Here is a visual piece to the IMMIGRANT SONG. 

Davi(d) Fincher: the films of...

t(oo)l (it's coming s(oo)n...

(invisibility) cloak(s) N(I)N || MJK

British Military @ work

University of Dallas

Lucas on Altering Films in '88 (23 yrs ago)

I have my own thoughts about this. 
Read on

“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.”

– George Lucas, director