Sunday, December 1, 2013

25. Doris

Momma's Basement
Los Angeles, CA

I mentioned before, that 2013 is/was a year that will be remembered as a jump off for hip hop. 19 year old Thebe Neruda Kgositsile aka 
Earl Sweatshirt's album Doris is what you play waking up at 6:00pm, in between jobs or collecting gov't checks, GTA 4 3/4 beat. The bong is broke, and/or fresh off an argument with your girl (who isn't your girl), your mom, and you some how have to convince her for the car keys to roll around the neighborhood.
The CD is smooth!
Turn off the celly and roll through the evening.

Opening track is what I'm talking about. Until you really feel, the situation above, you may or may not connect. But it does set the mood for the entire album. High 'West Coast' Synth presence, that again was sounds like it was done in momma's basement. Grimey, yet coherent.