Tuesday, April 30, 2013



better late than never, i thought i wrote this in on here but i didn't.

From my notebook (i guess) 
watch what microsoft does with
windows 8 and skype. 

The Pocket Psychologist: The Fear of Intimacy: Cat and Mouse Games in Relationships

The Pocket Psychologist: The Fear of Intimacy: Cat and Mouse Games in Relationships


eXtensible Markup Language
same stuff Facebook uses.

The Commercial Drive Co Ironman Continues

Monday, April 29, 2013

HappyBlogBirthday JT

why didn't jay sign biggie?

Urban Dictionary: Sell your soul

Urban Dictionary: Sell your soul

i tried on the nike free n7s.

couldn't tell the difference between
Jordan 3s and them.

Don't fight. Switch to the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

new directionz in pop-hop

Over the weekend I finally saw
this sex tape with Kim.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Crew and You.

dear dead beats, Strength in numbers right?
There's this girl in class that is around the 
residence coffee shop all the time. What do I do?

Coffee seems like the new liquid courage.
So, keep it simple 
talk shop. 
Crack jokes about the professor and
that will break the ice and you'll become
the successor.  

Study tricks and Tips

Useless underlining. 
It doesn't work
mixed with procrastination....
Bad habits in your environment. 
How to spot sins in you're own game
is your ticket to fameorlame.com

Software Security Sales Saturdays

Components to look for: 
1. Input, whether read from the network, afile, or from the command line 
2. Transfer of data from said input of internal structures. 
3. Use of unsafe string handling calls (especially in XML - eXtensible Markup Language 
4. Use of arithmetic to calculate an allocation size or remaining buffer size 

spotting a sin in bad code, look for unsafe string handling functions. 
converting code to use only safe calls has a low regression rate (any where from 1/10th to 1/100th of the normal bug fix regresion rate and it will remove exploits from your code. 

- the overall best approach is to trace user input from the entry points of your application through all the function calls. Being aware of what the attacker controls makes a big difference! 
- 19 deadly sins of software security 

-Get Love or Die Tryin' 
                        Minimize bad habits in 
 the environment that you're in
It's not about picking up.
Girls/ Guys are drugs, but some
habits will have you left 
rolled up in a rug. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

#Forbes #Facebook #Friends #Fragrances #Film #Fraudulent

i don't wanna do a depth chart
on batman. still haven't seen dark knight rises.

3 words

The Commercial Drive Company's 
at least in contention for most
days w/o having gf/bf.

2626 days without sweating.
don't even wanna talk 
i recommend it for some.

as for the lawsuit in vancouver.
Chalk another lawsuit up to this guy.

Out Nerd Carmike?

Keep tuned, this blog is under construction. 
take tips to maybe do the opposite of
what this blogger has ever done in his life. 

Or not...
the plot is thickening.


but like my dad says... 
Let them g'wan.

Case Study
most would be quick to label as gold diggers.
Beyonce and Jay-Z...
Beyonce is 11 years younger...
They are in the same league. 
Age is obviously not an issue with Jay. 
and beauty is certainly not an issue with Bey.
So, how does regular student stevie survive to fight another Day?
When getting good grades are not the keys to the
The minute you convice yourself that you are not Bey or Jay, you're on your way.

FTR: Barack (The Leader of the Free World) 
and First Lady Meesh are the same age.

#SharkWeek Notes on Today's Contestants will be updated on blog.

depthchart coming

Worst Dj Ever!? How Not To DJ


girl/guy gone cold or whatever?


golden lessons
1. Be creative
2. Exercise
3. Eat and Drink Right
4. Focus 

saved you $97

Something to think about.


keep tuned in

Hyundai: Pipe Job [Comercial]

It's spelled "Commercial"

Defense Wins Championships. Round 1.

There are many ways to overrun a buffer in C/C++
Here's what caused the Morris finger worm:

char buf [20]

gets(buf) ; 

Respect the humongous buffer zone.
ref) Chad Johnson. Has not recovered. 
Abuse is abuse these dayz.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#AmericanIdol #FinalFour


don't drop n bombs on first dates
after getting shut down.
Plenty of time to recover 
blowing a first kiss. 
Like the guy gave a short tutorial on
Risk Management..... =|
what to do after being rejected. 
No.1-Switch the conversation solely to her. 
It's that easy. 
Girls know the kiss is coming 
its if they are receptive or not. 

#NFL #Draft

Finger Eleven-Famous

#blog report. is expanding.

Understanding will save you 5 grand.

addition and subtraction
8 bit integers 

255 + 1 = 0
2-3 = 255

256 =  0

-1 = 255 

0 = 255 +1

0 = 256

Urban Dictionary: whipped

Urban Dictionary: whipped

►Broken Words (Finger Eleven) "The Greyest of Blue Skies"

If you dont work hard at love. love will never work hard for U.

its a strange addiction.

So, you're on a losing streak.

1. Everyone is going to tell you keep going, while they keep winning. Winners usually never give out their secrets. What is losing and what is winning?
Losers will always keep whining and winners will always know their winers.
- Condo

Monday, April 22, 2013

Travel With a Purpose.

Escaping Reality/"Culture" is not a good idea.
Because whatever destination you are in.
You are with people who are escaping reality.
Therefore you are only learning from people
escaping reality. 
The Travel Business 
and the
Business of Travelling
is the same thing. 
If you feel the urge to splurge on a travel spree.
Go the whole way. See the World and nothing less.  
Doing bits and pieces only makes you wanting more, and spending a hell of alot more. 
It's fun watching people go travelling. 
Thanks for the entertainment. 

it's not what you say, it's how you say it. because all lines are lies.

Kirk Hammett and his guitars

Slipknot - Paul Gray Behind The Player - Surfacing Lesson [Part 1]

Metallica - Bleeding Me

Lamb of God- Blacken the Cursed Sun #MetalMondays

The Great Gatsby

Interview with Bill Gates 2012(Sunday Night)

and they simply put their name on it.

What to learn from Android's entrance
into the software game. 

So, You're back from Coachella or are you?

keep ya posted. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

the messenging on windows 8 is fresh

better than windows 7. 

EL-P - Tuned Mass Damper

youtube should have a loop button

Seventh Woods Is The BEST 14 Year Old In The Country! CRAZY Athlete

#Addiction, The Mind & Stress

Everyone has an addiction.
Is it cars, is it money, is it weed?
-Kanye West (Late Registration)

College and Experimentation 

Oh Shit! The Feds!

Greatest freak out ever 14 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Action Bronson Hooks Up Coachella Audience With Trash Bag Of Free Weed « The World Famous KROQ

Action Bronson Hooks Up Coachella Audience With Trash Bag Of Free Weed « The World Famous KROQ



#UFC #Shop

NBA should expand to Las Vegas


Round 2


There are plenty of great looking people who are undatable. 

#NBA #Shop

Get your Playoff Gear Here!


Online Trends - Experian Hitwise

Online Trends - Experian Hitwise

Stay in School


This is pretty stupid. 

don't mix love of business 
and the business of love
unless you're

Friday, April 19, 2013


obama's terror record speaks for itself.

what are Miranda Rights?
Why wasn't he read his?
He is in serious condition.

Screenplay by Carmichael Reid

K. Michelle spazzes on Bossip at Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Premier...

Bad Advice.

Active hands are rebounders best friends. 

the dangers?
lose/lose situation
every single time. 
unless you're a 
professional rebound guy/girl.
if you're crew can't box out and find one for you...
it's time to start boxing out and earning that

Pull down Boards
Rebounding is extremely overrated

see datingtrolls


Oiler Fans should sue their hockey "team".

Launch a Civil Suit you might just win.

Incubus - Morning View Sessions -08- Just a Phase.

Boston Globe thinks they caught the bombers

Be careful, any cop killer would  take credit for something like this.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


In my world, cheaters do sometimes win, the early bird doesn't always get the worm, and doing unto others as you wish they would do unto you doesn't always get you what you want, need or deserve. It makes for a good story, and it 's how we all wish the world were, but it is not the world I live in, and I'm telling you it's not the world you live in - Dr. Phil McGraw

#thoughts on MRU

MRU is trying to compete with University of Calgary.
MRU is playing with their students. 
MRC was way better. 


Top 5 Date Ideas/Spots

Lets focus on the 
worst places to take
a prospect. 

this list is going to get long.
stay tuned. 


#nbaplayoffs LAL @ SAS is gonna be extremely fun to watch!


#DaftPunk #GetLucky Drops tonight MIDNIGHT on KROQ

Would you rather be good or lucky.
I rather be good.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#ThePrentenders #Angie4Boston!

Mariah Carey is stunned that she is staring at her 



debt collector picked the open minded model....
show a gold digger gold, 
and it don't matter if
you're bold. 

Communists vote down gun background checks...

any terrorist can own a gun in the US

and I was thinking citizens needing to go through a mental health background



#Darwinism & You



#Coachella Round 2

I can't understand them! I can't relate

Iron Man 3 | meet the press Paris (2013) Robert Downey Jr. Gwyneth Paltrow



why can't rich drunk people call their driver to pick them up?


on coast to coast.
my thoughts: 
how to detect hate.
especially from the bridge 
of highschool to college
haters graduate at every level.
They get marks, so don't allow them 
to ace the test.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


When jerking off to porn, you are jerking off to the cameraman who is jerking off in his mind and/or both.

My business as has been hooking up couples before I knew it. 

By breathing, their love grew it.

Since '88.
Don't Whine and Dine.
and you may keep 
a date.

Serious Problems in TBJ camp.

The Jays are the GM of the MLB.

The Cure for Cancer


Lookin' Gapper.

My favorite track from the GoodAlbum right now.

Footage Of Consequence Punching Joe Budden @ Prt 2 Of The Reunion Show

No Women, No Children

an 8 year old sadly died in the explosion.

Steve G. Jones on Millionaire Matchmaker (Full Version)

she was sent.



Java Bean

A singleton is a class which is instantiated exactly once. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


10 point checklist


1. What ya smellin' like. Pick out samples get a response. Then buy the one that you dig. 

2. Beauty is skin deep

3. Girls and Guys Confidence builds in practice of your own personality so grow within that and you should be fine. (The man makes the suit, not the other way around) Watch shows that are personality driven and watch your wardrobe reflect that!
b) No one likes a pretentiousness. 

4. Layoff the porn.

5. Shoes, Belt & Socks for those corporate types. Expensive usually turns into addictions and watch what people do to keep their addiction rampid. 

6. Fill your mind with knowledge (Recounting hanger ettiqutte will not get you far

7. Start shopping by yourself and see what works, if not, you know where to find me. {carmikerdreid@gmail.com}

8. Pick a project and stick with it and watch it grow. Be prepared to be called out, hated on, loved on. That's the fun part if you are on the way to building something that you care about. 

9. Deodorant

10. Drink Water

gold went down since the 80s. Just Sayin'


what does it mean when gold goes down the way it did. This is just a hunch, but it's supply and demand side economics. 

Less Gold = More Value
More Gold = Less Value
backwards isn't it?
more gold to sell, to make more money
less gold to sell, can't sell alot of it. 
Quanity wise. That's supply side. 
Demand side is if the world needs gold which it does to keep the economy runs on "Gold Standards"

but, if I have something rare, it goes up in value because it's rare! Until possession of gold are ready to sell. That's what holding companies do. 'cuz if you have something that's rare, you want to protect it. In short, that's what the economy is trying to do, when it goes into panic, like the nervous system if it gets hurt. Seizures and Comas are protection mechanisms to protect the brain from doing more damage to itself. Just like the Economy. So, yeah, 
Greed is usually the only protection policy, because more is better and sell off the rest that you don't need at a discounted rate (if your honest) but sell it at the same price to a sucker.

They finished the race.

Did ya know #Facebook has over one trillion objects over the internet?

What is a class?

Lardarius Webb: Best Hands in Football

#APAC #Winner


#Coachella Night3

Iron Man 3 - MTV Attack Clip (HD) Robert Downey Jr.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Craft Truck interviews Gordon Willis: Cinematography for the “The Godfather” Trilogy and “Annie Hall”

Craft Truck interviews Gordon Willis: Cinematography for the “The Godfather” Trilogy and “Annie Hall”

Quentin Tarantino on the Set of “Death Proof”

Quentin Tarantino on the Set of “Death Proof”

Kobe Needs Hightops

70% of the course with an Ace

stay tuned for my thoughts on Architecture in LA

Spike Lee, know throughout his career for being one of a kind; his personality and ability to be a controversial visionary director that sheds light on serious contemporary topics concerning the African-American in the melting pot of the International flavor of Brooklyn, New York, USA. His ability to transform the complexity of African-American issues into a coherent and fluent piece of art is world renown. " Do the Right thing," one of the most controversial films of it's day and still reigns as the freshest film of all time captures and expresses these views are way ahead of his time (Ebert 1989); the racial metaphor of a pizza that is simply one topping. Difusing into these views of the majority and the resulting reaction from the oppression of the ruling majority (The Pizza House). Adding toppings which symbolize the many nationalities (see above), reflect the historical and cultural ideals of the African American, the post modern expression against racial dilution and the reslulting "uplifting" or "uprising" of Black America as a culture will be covered.  

the rest, will be pdf'ed.


making the cut