Friday, April 26, 2013

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i don't wanna do a depth chart
on batman. still haven't seen dark knight rises.

3 words

The Commercial Drive Company's 
at least in contention for most
days w/o having gf/bf.

2626 days without sweating.
don't even wanna talk 
i recommend it for some.

as for the lawsuit in vancouver.
Chalk another lawsuit up to this guy.

Out Nerd Carmike?

Keep tuned, this blog is under construction. 
take tips to maybe do the opposite of
what this blogger has ever done in his life. 

Or not...
the plot is thickening.

but like my dad says... 
Let them g'wan.

Case Study
most would be quick to label as gold diggers.
Beyonce and Jay-Z...
Beyonce is 11 years younger...
They are in the same league. 
Age is obviously not an issue with Jay. 
and beauty is certainly not an issue with Bey.
So, how does regular student stevie survive to fight another Day?
When getting good grades are not the keys to the
The minute you convice yourself that you are not Bey or Jay, you're on your way.

FTR: Barack (The Leader of the Free World) 
and First Lady Meesh are the same age.

#SharkWeek Notes on Today's Contestants will be updated on blog.

depthchart coming

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