Tuesday, February 28, 2012

businezzz as usual.

Happy Sleeping Day!
From the Good Folks from 
The Commercial Drive Company. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ingmar Berman's letter to the Oscars
Couldn't be more well timed. 

Marty @ The Oscars

Alright, we're on, you, Richardson, Camera A, 
Mannie, do you got coverage on Leo when he makes his entrance. 
Okay, how's sound? Its okay, it's okay, okay? Alright, Cam A. Let's go!
Alright, some of these actresses are getting the way here. C'mon move, move! move! Alright there he his. He's got great eyes hey!? Haha!!!
Anyways, alright, keep rolling while I think of something to make this better for the viewers at home! Thought of it.
Here's an idea, when Leo hits the red carpet, Manny, CU with him and try to get him scoping out Mila Kuniz. We'll cut away to the landscape of the LA. Through all this smog. I can't see! Can someone get me another pair of glasses! Okay, thanks Jenise! 

Okay! Whos got the script? 
Ah shit. 
I'll shoot it from memory

[FADE IN: Kodak Theater, Hollywood, Blvd, DUSK]
The celebrities from all parts of the globe are entering from their highly expensive limos to dawn their designer dresses. Okay skip over this part, and cut we cut to
Leo, looking heroic as he checks out Mila and the rest of the good lookin girls. 
He sees Mark Wahlberg and brushes him off. He is mumbling to himself. 
we cut away to the sky line of the city and--

Manny are you on B yet!?

Right away Marty! 

Great! this is going go well. Leo doesn't even know we're doing this. 
He's so natural y'know, he reminds me of the old 1950s NeoItalian Neo Realist films, or maybe, maybe Scandavian films from the 80s. He's doing great and he doesn't even know it! 

K, so, Richy! lets take a break. 
Manny take care of the exterior coverage for the rest of the exterior. Take this punk kid with you. He has been bothering me all night!

Alright kid, let's go see if we can get some cool shots. 
I gotta friend who can get us a helicopter.

What is Marty doing?!
This is my set!
Whatsyourname, go tell that 5-foot nothing  60 something with the thick black glasses guy who 
looks like he's made too many movies to get off my set. 

I'm getting this so cheap! 
This is the first time ever I am shooting an entire movie and Leo and 
the whole gang every single one of them are considered extras!
without visual effects. 
Where did they go?
 Don't Panic, you have this under control see if you can get some color in this joint...


Keep cool, don't lose your camera... Are my shoes tied... K...
I wonder where Lebron is. 
Wait they are playing basketball. 
That is some shit scheduling right there. 
Alright, Carmike, don't be intimidated. 
They are just normal people who have sold their soul and you're trying to recapture it okay. 
Beginners luck?! pffft! yeah. 
Not a bad first shot though. Okay, honestly your gonna get terminated again if you continue to do what you want. 

 C'mon man! Where were you?!

I'll tell you one thing, I just love shooting. 
It's just a new challenge and every time, alright they seem to be all in side. I can't see from here. Richy how are you doing over there?
Is Thelma in the truck yet? We are editing on the fly here, to ship back to the house for post, so we're going to need to be prudent people! 
Were gonna have to shoot this on the run! They are heading inside!!!

Mr. Scorsese, this is the representative from the Nolan Production crew speaking. DIRECT, orders... Get off the set! You have one warning. You are costing us and your employers alot of money!

 got it on my end... 
Wally? How are you doing over there mate?

Maaaarty!!!? C'mon man!
This Red Carpet is not going to shoot itself!

Nothing but critics and haters, I've dealt with them all my life. Alright, lets take a few seconds... Cleeeearrr it out, all that negative energy and let's go! Refocused!! Lets go! Where did Leo go?!

Found him!

Hey mates! 
 What's going on here?
You guys are looking well, very well. 
Can we play a little for you guys while, the awards go on...

Robert: I don't see why not. 
Marty: It's so good to see you! Of Course! Haha!! 
 Mick: I'll tell the boys that we're on!
 Marty: Where's that little black kid that has been running around and interrupting my creativity? Some one tell him to tell Chris he can't have the set. 

 Hey, asshole! What is that fucking kid doing?! 
He's taking our fucking cops! 
Hey you!!!
Stop right fuckin' there!
These black people think its a free fucking cup of coffee because it's 
black history month and all.
This is why I put extra cream in my cappah'cino. 

Fuck this guy, alright, Chris, we're gonna have to shut down for about 30 an hour it seems like this thing is getting outta control. There's 3 squad cars and a riot van!

keep on shooting. I gotta get inside, 
some of us actually nommed for something. 
Tell the black kid, if he wants a chance behind the camera...
It's now. If not. Suzie will jump in.  Richy jump on Cam B while. 
Manny has sit in on this show too. We'll be sneaking out frequently 
to hang out with you guys. 

Where's my other pair of glasses?

OH MY!!!
Best Cinematography for Robby... Someone pick that up for him, he's outside! 
I have to stay here. I guess. 
 someone tell Chris that he can have the set until I'm done winning here. This is absolutely insane!

 If I'm inside and Robby is up there who's on set?

 I would like to thank everyone who worked on this
picture. I'm so glad have worked with Marty on Shutter Island
and HUGO 3D.

I got it... I think.

Who is this guy and why does he get two cameras 
and I only get one?

3 words Wally...Black History Month2012

No one invites me anywhere.  But I'll help him out...

 Okay. Me too. 



Leo @ The Oscars


I haven't changed since The Fuckin' Golden Globes. 
Too busy with the ladies and commercials and shit.
Matter of fact, this is the same suit I wore in Inception.
If you see three of me. You are NOT DREAMING.
There are 3 of me because I am Leonardo diCaprio. 
Matter of fact. I haven't changed since ever. I've been Leo since I entered this world I'll be Leo until I'm outta of this world. 
Which is never! 
Cah Peesh?
I ain't talkin' to anyone all fuckin' night. 

Now Playing; The Best of Basketball Players turned Rappers.

Friday, February 24, 2012

TCM Remembers

Oscar weekend commences today. But to pay tribute to some great artists that passed on in 2011...

Martin Scorsese's 85 Must See Films for people interested or haven't seen good movies
PS: Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole is on TCM today

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

to the Sir with Love .

Randall 4 Prez

We need a hard-boiled, no-nonsense, mean son-of-a-bitch with a bad reputation who ain't afraid to cock-whip the shit out of some randomly selected pussy-ass billionaire on live tv during his annual State of the Union Address just to make a point and let the mega-rich know that NO ONE is above the law here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. In short, we need a man who just DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK.
America, that man is me.
Thats right, ME. David Randall Blythe. Ol' D. Randall. Uncle Randy. Wassisname, that dude from that one band that got drunk and fought in a skirt. I love the USA like a nerd loves D&D, I am thoroughly disgusted with the state of affairs, and I am ready, willing, and able to FUCK SHIT UP without a micro-second's hesitation in order to fix what ails this country. All you have to do is elect me as the next President of the United States of America and I'll handle the rest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Prediction: The growing trend of dark horses shining... Adam Lin(d) hits 60 HRs this year steals 20 and earns a ERA of 2.11

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Domino the Dog: Everybody's Dog the Commercial


Breakfast of Champions continues....
Can you get any more dream like?
Wedding Photo or Papparazzi



The regular early morning yell of horror was the sound of Arthur Dent waking up and suddenly remembering where he was. 
It wasn't just that the cave was cold, it wasn't just that it was damp and smelly. It was the fact that the cave was in the middle of Islington and there wasn't a bus due for two million years. 
Time is the worst place, so to speak, to get lost in, as Arthur Dent could testify, having been lost in both time and space a good deal. 
At least being lost in space kept you busy.

The Road to the Oscars

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cinematic Weapons: The Long Take

I had another excellent chat with Wes from Winnipeg about cinema. Yesterday I was scanning my library for a dvd to watch. I was feeling nostalgic, almost a return to where it began. So, I looked for what gripped me to film in the beginning. The Technique, The Rules and the breaking of those rules. Save the Best for the last. So I'll break this rule. In my opinion the most effective, sought after and rare cinematic technique to pull of well to evoke that chilling, orgasmic feeling once you realize what you just saw and experienced. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Long Take.The Long Take is essentially a highly choreographed scene where The Director of Photography and his team keeps rolling that camera throughout the scene(s) without a cut. The camera can move but there is no "Cut" in the duration of the scene(s).

With attention spans decreasing by the millisecond, this does look very weird to the "average" viewer, due to cuts in film quickening to cater to the audience's ADD.
The best times are letting a story teller take you on a journey and showing wa
ys to get you the audience to engage to become immersed in the way of telling. But in telling, there has to be technique. Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler was my first exposure to what a Long Take can do to someone. "#wtf?!" then I did some digging and found this:
It's like an overture in composition. It's something you miss if you are not looking for it. Invisible if done impeccably.  (Orson Welles, 1941) Touch of Evil.  It would be breaking the rules if I showed "Children of Men, 2006, DOP Emmanuel Lubezki, Dir, Alfonzo Cuaron) take and The Wrestler (2008, dir: Darren Aronofsky, DOP Maryse Alberti)  out of context. Watching this, will give you a clue what looks like and how damn tough it is. NOTE: A movie titled the Russian ARK is a 3 hour movie done in one take. Figure that out.

Dude! It's on your Truck!

Monday Morning Clean your ride if you're in Sunny Calgary, AB.

nonsense from someone without a clue: nonsense on political nonsense

nonsense from someone without a clue: nonsense on political nonsense: when i hear the words Stephen and Harper put together it means next to nothing to me, I've decided that doesn't sit right and i believe i am...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

^ Thought.

If your mind is wandering or it just seems very silent inside your virtual auditorium, try listening to a piece of music that you feel has some connection to the tone or genre of the story. Instrumental music has the advantage of keeping you in a more intuitive, nonverbal state, while lyrics may give you some cultural inspiration, or awaken a memory or unexpected word synchrony. You can do this as a little break from you concentration, relaxing with your eyes closed, or you can try it with the script and sound map in front of you, allowing the story to interact directly with the rhythms, melodies, harmonies and emotions of the music. I a more obvious musical genre doesn't bring anything new to the inner images, you may be surprised to find out how a classical piece of Beethoven, Debussy, or Bartok may counterpoint a very urban setting and characters, or how jazz or rock may infuse a period with Sonic insights that you had never before considered... (A Serious Man, Knife in the Water/Frantic, Breathless, Blue Velvet, Mean Streets, Pi, Eyes Wide Shut)     

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Visual Effects of Final Destination 5

Maybe one of the coolest, chaotic openings to a movie of the past year. Some of the most challenging techniques to thrill audiences worldwide! A Bridge collapsing is by far the most creepiest failures of Civil Engineering since Robots from space ripping through skyscrapers like paper. The Visual Effects Team on this picture was SUPERB. Not nommed for an Oscar, I wonder if it'll get an MTV Award... It should.
I'll let the madness show off for itself. 
clicking the first video, you can check out the similar videos around this is the official Warner Brothers release of the VFX. 

Roger Ebert on the Special Effects on Final Destination 5 3D
Head of Production: Arin Finger
VFX Producer: Charlene Eberle
VFX Supervisor(s): Todd Sheridan Perry and Chad Wiebe
Animation Supervisor: Jared Barber
Matte Painting Supervisor: Romain Bayle
Compositing Supervisor: Shane Davidson
IMDB The rest of the crew and VFX artists HERE
** Thanks to Laszlo Sebo for leaking this... Truly whoa.

**Note Prime Focus Entertainment's 3D Conversion to Star Wars Opens Today.

Cracking the Books. Sound Design

  •  The first script reading - Immerse yourself in the written description of the scenes and let your inner ear come alive
  • What to listen for-- objects, action, environments, emotions, transitions (some of my favorites: Atonement, Black Swan, Repulsion, Apocalypse Now, Alien, 2001, Do the Right Thing, The Shining, The Social Network, No Country for Old Men, Das Testament of Dr. Mabuse,  The Hurt Locker)
  • Grouping the voices - Find the polarities between these elements to develop balance and counterpoint 
  • Drawing Visual Maps - Use graphic representation of the flow of the story with the sonic structure to reveal an overall composition for the sound design
  • Meeting with the director - Present your work in progress to confirm the style, tone, and choices, listening carefully for feedback and global perspective
  • The sound map -- draft one - Separate the script into sequences and list the sounds in categories of concrete sounds, musical sounds, music, and voice.
  • Consulting before and during the shoot - Ideas for sound that arise from the script can help the producer lower production costs and ensure more consistency with the narrative direction of the film. The sound designer will seldom be hired before production, but if the opportunity arises early enough in preproduction you can offer exremely beneficial advice to the producer, director and sound recordist.
  • Accompanying the picture edit
  • Analyzing the final picture edit (LOCKING DOWN YOUR FRAME)
  • The sound map
  • Defining voice sources and modifications
  • Defining sound effects and ambiance sources
  • Coordinating with the music score
  • Experimentation and open options
  • Exhibition considerations
  • The Sound Map -- draft 3 
  • Pre-Mix decisions
  • The Final Mix and Print Master
  • Similar processes count to mixing anything that has to do with sound, so think of lyrics or a poem, refer to the one below... Please don't. But your own... and write accordingly what you hear in your head, around you in your environment. The drafts are for yourself and yourself only. 
Wash and Repeat. 

Tone down the action, Less Explosions...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7th Day of Valentine's Day.

My love for you is deepening every day. I'll rearrange all my plans to be with you. I'll call in sick to breathe over your shoulder while your at school, work or where ever. Fuck my friends. I'll find new ones. Stars moon and the sun.

After the Superbowl and the Voice... A strange, cold, snappy breeze came from my bedroom windowsil.
I am 4 months behind on my heat bill.

Will I be forever lonely?
"For Nevermore."
I said will you be the twilight of my eye?
"I will never look at another guy."
The Voice just finished. Is it just a one night stand?
Every Sunday baby, right there, take my hand. 
But, what about tomorrow? and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day?
"Don't worry."
Where's your hand? 
It's right here.
It's Right Here!!!
But, girl I cannot see you
"But, feel me, taste me, smell me, hear me."

"I Love You."
I Love You Too.
So Tomorrow for sure
For sure? For sure?
For surezees? 
I love you Invisible Girlfriend.
"I do too."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012- present day. The Road to 2013 Tebow(l)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16



Tom Brady's Wife: "Tom can't f**cking pass and catch the ball at the same time..."