Monday, April 15, 2013

gold went down since the 80s. Just Sayin'

what does it mean when gold goes down the way it did. This is just a hunch, but it's supply and demand side economics. 

Less Gold = More Value
More Gold = Less Value
backwards isn't it?
more gold to sell, to make more money
less gold to sell, can't sell alot of it. 
Quanity wise. That's supply side. 
Demand side is if the world needs gold which it does to keep the economy runs on "Gold Standards"

but, if I have something rare, it goes up in value because it's rare! Until possession of gold are ready to sell. That's what holding companies do. 'cuz if you have something that's rare, you want to protect it. In short, that's what the economy is trying to do, when it goes into panic, like the nervous system if it gets hurt. Seizures and Comas are protection mechanisms to protect the brain from doing more damage to itself. Just like the Economy. So, yeah, 
Greed is usually the only protection policy, because more is better and sell off the rest that you don't need at a discounted rate (if your honest) but sell it at the same price to a sucker.

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