Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Windows 8 (full package gets early release)
in China.

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes... But I didn't celebrate a birthday this year due to it being Chinese New Year!

Would you like to be apart of WhoaWhenzzday2012?

I am tracking and fracking how to maximise FULL BLOG POTENTIAL and EFFICIENCY

My Personal and Buisness Website is in the works!

I would like to thank all the blog hits

8430 and Counting
 November 1st 2011(11111) . Not bad for a Blog that Sucks!
I don't think I'll be upgrading anytime soon. But will trying to become more
interactive and such.
Warning, TheCommercialDriveCompany will become Volatile through Friday
June 1 to June 15

I'll see if I can arrange something better. To talk real business once we get into June.

First of all Windows 8 is Gr8!

So Keep Checking in.

for some opps for you guys to get in, definite prizes and things to be bought souled and traded on the TRUE madness of what's going on!

over and out.

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