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my first short film shot entirely on an AppleiPhone4. Cut on WindowsMovieMaker in a McDonalds and the CoffeeShop Across the street. In the spring of 2012 I screened this in the very (@TheRioTheatre) I saw the Original 35mm of ApocalypseNow for the first time every on the bigscreen earlier in the summer of 2012.
Made in Vancouver, which is still 

^^^^^^^if you missed the link. look up again.


Apocalypse Now or Platoon and why?

Please Keep Your Eye on this #blog  as I have opened up more channels for potential enjoyment on Youtube. 
for viewers like you to view.
In particular, a fan from Winnipeg who requested by Twitter!
This is gonna be a little more tougher, but I'm sure the theme will ignite some senses.... 

In the Mean time. 
If You Look closely to the my film there is a book by laptop. 

"Some stories never end. Even in our time, in the slightlines of living history, in the retrieved instancy of film and videotape, there are stories waiting to be finished, open to the thrust of reasoned analysis and haunted speculation. These stories, some of them, also undergo a kind of condensation, seeping into the texture of ever day life, barely separable from the ten thousand little excitations that define a routine day of visual and aural static processed b the case-hardened consumer brain." - Tom DeLillo

What was the book? and which chapter was this paragraph pulled from? 

Strangely enough, someone from Toronto asked me walking into a mall. I was going in. He was going out. 
Another story for another day. 





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