Thursday, February 7, 2013


If cupid was a cop by carmichael reid. 
if cupid was a cop i think he should retire. 
because to make a long story short. 
training for love is like arming 
for war. Just, read Greek Folklore.
A Cop's Kisses is like wishing
for Cupid's Misses. All in the Family
Original Gangsters, Innocent Bystanders
 and their Businesses
That's why most 
are shooting up people in the straits last
dire. Bulletproof one's heart and you'll
be dealing with more confusion and liars.
Sucka PIG's should call me sire. N's
start whirl, living in a maytag world.
drop out of undecideville 
and love a guy or a girl. 
Because niggas these days love pointing
alien guns at hustling and bustling squirrels. 

Thank you.
there's a quote from me in here, that they ripped off. 

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