Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tips from a guy who should not be giving advice for Valentine's Day or should I?

1. Let's say you're outta luck with the ladies or guys,  with yourself, and haven't brought in any real money in lets say over a year, no real prospects over the horizon and you can't do anything for Valentine's Day. Mistake #1 is to down play Valentine's Month! 
We all know that video, look below. 

Ten bucks, he's got it better than I do right now and if you're reading this, him and I, are probably in the same category... 

6 days into Valentine's Month, and you're not behind. Trust me. Plenty of time to catch up. 
So, follow these tips updating through the day. Critical Day! One day from the half way point. 
preparation people!!!! c'mon.... Get Marinating, 
Because, conservatism is never the right play every day. Mix it up! 
I'll be back in a bit. 

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