Saturday, April 13, 2013

70% of the course with an Ace

stay tuned for my thoughts on Architecture in LA

Spike Lee, know throughout his career for being one of a kind; his personality and ability to be a controversial visionary director that sheds light on serious contemporary topics concerning the African-American in the melting pot of the International flavor of Brooklyn, New York, USA. His ability to transform the complexity of African-American issues into a coherent and fluent piece of art is world renown. " Do the Right thing," one of the most controversial films of it's day and still reigns as the freshest film of all time captures and expresses these views are way ahead of his time (Ebert 1989); the racial metaphor of a pizza that is simply one topping. Difusing into these views of the majority and the resulting reaction from the oppression of the ruling majority (The Pizza House). Adding toppings which symbolize the many nationalities (see above), reflect the historical and cultural ideals of the African American, the post modern expression against racial dilution and the reslulting "uplifting" or "uprising" of Black America as a culture will be covered.  

the rest, will be pdf'ed.

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