Saturday, April 6, 2013


When 21 Questions gets old.
continue looking at this blog.
and your game has gone ice cold
the last thing is you want is your soul to get sold.
don't whip out the bbbold.
sometimes single life is the best thing fortold.
But, this one's on me. 
No one interested is too busy.
Now they can't get me on the tizzy.

What happens when your first date picks you and then
doesn't respond to a second date.
You can sit at home and masterdebate.
Your bros are hos
where did your life go?
Can this be my fate?!
Just let it flow.
I've been through most of it all.
Chuck another Bible down the waterfalls.
Don't stall. 
Just ball.
Now they all call.
- dbbf

the pianist had the same headphones as mine.
Deep Questions
lead to
Unwanted Confessions

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